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Considering the Environment

How we Think about Today whilst Protecting Tomorrow

Our aim at Broadhembury is to provide visitors with the best possible location in which to enjoy their leisure time, without damaging or threatening the environment.

Our policy is that of hands on, constantly vigilant, strategies covering all our business activities. We do not just pay lip service to the various ‘green organisations’ that will praise and grade. We haven’t joined expensive schemes – which invariably result in the use of even more resources. We don’t want that, we just want to know that we are able to run a small business with as little environmental impact as possible. We go about both the day-to-day running, and the long-term planning of our business always looking for ways to manage resources and minimise or re-cycle waste. We give thought to the bigger affect our actions may have.

Broadhembury is a green and pleasant park in which to enjoy your leisure time. Every facility has been provided to make your caravan or camping holiday relaxing and easy. Our amenities are constantly monitored to ensure that they provide the maximum output for the minimum environmental costs.

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